Enforcement of Creditors’ Rights, Bankruptcy, and Collections

We provide aggressive advocacy and creative, cost-effective solutions to the problems faced by business creditors, banks and non-banking lenders, business owners, and a variety of other creditors. Many have legitimate questions about spending time and financial resources on recovering bad debt and so we attempt to accomplish the collection of debts from an insolvent consumer or business in a cost-effective way.

Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with the means and procedures to collect outstanding debts or judgments by creditors, persons who are owed money. These actions may include placing a lien on a debtor’s property, seizure or recovery (replevin) of property and possibly a forced sale like foreclosure, and garnishment of wages or bank accounts. Of course, the collateral in question can range from personal property such as RVs, mobile homes or boats to real estate like a manufacturing plant or store front. The nature of the relationship may stem from an SBA sponsored loan to or simply an equipment lease.

Naturally, we can also handle creditors’ rights as against other creditors where multiple creditors claim rights against property or accounts. We can also represent creditors’ rights in bankruptcy proceedings including challenging the automatic stay to recover the collateral, filing of proofs of claims, litigating priority issues, and preference claims.

Our main experience rests in serving commercial lending clients such as banks or financial institutions. We do not participate in originating the deals, rather we provide services associated with already troubled deals.

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